Ezekiel Stone

The Reverend


5’ 10", White Male with Strong hardened features.


Ezekiel Stone grew up in western Mississippi. He grew up brawling and fighting his way from schoolyards, to churchyards, to city streets and saloons. He was a renowned for a quick temper and a strong arm that sent many boys and later men away with broken bones and bruised pride. He fought for money, for women, for booze and for fun. Any insult or jest would be quickly followed with a crack of a hickory stick, or a dousing in the water trough. It was his temper that changed his life. On a cold December day he killed his brother outside of a saloon, beat him to death in a blind rage for cheating at cards. From that day forward, bad luck followed Ezekiel everywhere he went. He mourned his brother’s death and vowed to change his

Stone went to Texas to leave his former life and become a farmer, around the early days of the Civil War. Life started over and he spent 3 years rebuilding his life. He found a young lady they married and were blessed with a child. The bad luck seemed to have faded into the past. At the start of the fourth year of working on his farm with his young son and wife his curse returned. Union guerrillas, essentially outlaws riding under the pretense of being part of the Union Army, attacked his farm killing both his wife and son, burning his home to the ground and leave Stone for dead, him having shot 3 times in the chest.

What came next is best described as divine intervention as the now Rev. Stone would say. He says he talked to an Angel, some say he talked to death. In either case his life changed.

Ezekiel set out with one goal in mind, to do the Father’s will and to one day see his family again. He moved from place to place eventually falling in with the Baptist Church. He never stayed in one place for long, he would start many churches, heal the sick, teach and pray.

Ezekiel Stone

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