Julia Bulette

Proprietress of Julia's Palace


Julia Bulette is the proprietress of Julia’s Palace, the largest and most celebrated brothel in Virginia City. Known for her elegance and refinement, Julia is often seen riding through town in costly jewels and sables in a black lacquered brougham which bears a painted Escutcheon on the panel of four aces crowned by a lion couchant.

Quote: “If beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, then you want to be holdin’ me.”


Claiming ancestry from France by way of England, Julia was one of the first women to arrive in Virginia City. As such, she quickly turned to prostitution, charging up to $1000 a night for her services. Staking her claim on the hearts and wallets of the Comstock Lode’s Silver Kings, she opened Julia’s Palace, providing high-class entertainment to the weary miners. As Virginia City expanded, so did Julia’s reputation and purse. In addition to entertainment services, Julia also took care of the miners of Virginia City and even turned her brothel into a hospital when the need once arose. Her charity and donations to the town earned her an honorary membership amongst the firemen who once elected her Queen of the Independence Day Parade.

Julia Bulette

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