William O'Neal

Proprietor of Tyler's Saloon


William “Billy” O’Neal is the owner of Tyler’s Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. Billy is a rather quiet and serious young man, not at all what one would expect of the owner of a saloon. Known for his level-head and dry wit, he is nevertheless an invaluable member of the community.


William O’Neal is second-generation Irish and a second-generation businessman. As Virginia City became a boomtown, his father, Tyler O’Neal, moved his family out west and opened his own saloon. The saloon was quite prosperous, but the stress was more than Tyler could handle. William took over the saloon several years ago, when his father’s heart finally gave out. His mother took up residence in a small cottage in the Milltown district while William retained the small apartment above the saloon.

William O'Neal

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