Chocolate Thunder

A horse like no other.


Powerful. Elegant. Fearsome. These words cannot possibly describe the entity known as Chocolate Thunder. Once known as the steed of Mighty Zeus, Chocolate Thunder (or CT to his friends) rivaled both foe and fiend alike. When the Great Quake of 1868 shattered the lands, mortal man trembled. Little did they know that in actuality, it was the mighty gallop of Chocolate Thunder that split the Earth at its very foundation.


When there are dreams of splendor. There is Chocolate Thunder.
When there are nightmares of great horrors. There is Chocolate Thunder.
When there are delicious chicken pot pies. There is Chocolate Thunder.

Know him. Fear him. Relish (and mustard) him. Know the fury of…

CHOCOLATE THUNDER! (and his rider, Soren)

Did you hear that?



Chocolate Thunder

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