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The Dead West

The Dead West is a Classic Deadlands campaign centered around Virginia City, Nevada in the 1870’s.

Webpage Updates!

  • 3/15: House Rules are now up on the Wiki page! More to come!
  • 3/17: Edge, California description now added to Wiki page!
  • 3/18: House Rules now contains information on Fate Chips, Bounty Points, and Improvin’ your character!
  • 3/26: Adventure Log has been updated!
  • 3/29: Virginia City, Nevada now added to Wiki page, including a link for Julia’s Palace! New NPCs and Virginia City “townies” now added to Character Page!
  • 4/2: Quotes page on the Wiki is now live! More characters have been added to the Character Page and some descriptions/bios have been added!

Home Page

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